You need five reasons to eat cupcakes? Beyond the normal – oh-my-goodness-they-are-simply-amazing to eat – reason?

That scrumptious sponge – the icing – the little delicate touches of decoration that make you feel like a kid again.

You still want more?! Well, ok. Here are five more reasons to eat cupcakes every day!

1. They fit neatly into lunchboxes

Small details matter – right?

Well, we think a perfectly acceptable reason to eat cupcakes every day is because they fit so wonderfully by your sandwiches in the lunchbox. There is your main and your dessert right there – in a handy carry box size. We feel this is an important nod to a balanced diet – you have some greenery in your sandwich – maybe a cucumber or even some rocket – if you are feeling snazzy. Then – with all the health comes the need for the energy boost from the important sugars and fats in your cupcake – perfect!

2. There are fewer calories in a cupcake

(than in muffins and pastries…) You deserve a treat and as treats go – cupcakes are lower in calories than most other nifty hand-sized snacks. Muffins and pastries are overflowing with calories – so by selecting a cupcake you are actually showing restraint. You should be congratulated for this – and maybe this is a reason why you can have two cupcakes in one day — sometimes.

3. They are so pretty!

There is a famous maxim among chefs that we eat with our eyes. And if snacks were artwork – then the cupcake is your renaissance painting. The pride of a cupcake maker is to make them look so darn cute that you just can’t help but sink your teeth in. Everyone – especially you – deserves a little bit of pretty in their lives – just once a day. Let this pretty be your cupcake.

And – here is another thing to think about – this could be your new hobby. You could become expert in the art of cupcake decoration – it could be your creative outlet. So many reasons to have that snack once a day!


4. Everyone else is eating them

Now, we know that your parents warned against copying your friends… “If they jumped off a cliff, would you?” Well, the good news is that eating a cupcake everyday is far healthier than jumping off a cliff just because your friends did.
Serious now – this is a major trend. People all over the world visit special little pop up cafes to choose the best cupcakes they can. There are all sorts of flavours to try – and people are working their way through the stock of shops. Variety is the spice and all that – so the fact that everyone is eating them should be enough to make you try too.

5. It is completely acceptable to cheat every now and then

And let’s add a serious note for a second. Everyone – even the healthiest of the healthy – need to have a special treat to cheat. It is hard being good all the time – and remember that all the best diets in the world offer you sin points – right?

So, go – eat your cupcake – and remember – it is your right to choose – and there is so much choice!

DID YOU KNOW: Icing Cafe doesn’t just make custom creations for your special day, although we do that well. We also have a walk-in dessert bar where you can grab some of your favorite creations on the go!

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