People spend hundreds of dollars ensuring that they choose the most perfect wedding cake; stunning to look at and delicious from the first to last mouthful. Such a lot of work goes into making a wedding cake and it’s the showpiece of any wedding. But what happens when there’s a huge amount of fabulous cake left over? It would be a terrible waste to throw it in the trash, and no recently married couple could possibly eat it alone!

With this problem in mind, we’ve combined a list of 8 fantastic ways to use your leftover wedding cake, from old traditions to new, fun (and yummy) ideas!

1) Save the top tier

It’s traditional to save the top tier of your wedding cake, to be eaten by the bride and groom on their first wedding anniversary. Kate Middleton added a twist to this tradition by serving up her wedding cake at George’s christening! This is also known at the ‘good luck’ tier and is supposed to bring the happy couple good luck in the future.

2) Use your wedding cake as favors

Buy some beautiful little cake boxes, add some personalized notes, name tags, ribbons or confetti, and get your catering company to box up slices of the cake for your guests to enjoy at home. Not everybody gets a chance (or has room) to eat a slice of cake during the festivities and these would be perfect with a cup of tea, the morning after a boogie at your wedding disco!

3) Cake Pops!

Use your leftover cake to make cute little cake pops. Mix the cake with frosting and form into balls, then cover in candy melts. They last for ages and make fabulous thank you presents for all those wedding gifts.

4) French Toast (amazing)

Make up some French toast batter and use it to coat slices of cake for the perfect honeymoon breakfast. Or, ask your caterers to make this French toast for your guests at the post-wedding brunch. Add a little Rum Chata to really spice things up, adults only of course!

5) Wedding Cake Sundae

The perfect idea to get the children in the family involved! Fold crumbled cake into a sundae glass with lots of softened ice-cream, sundae sauces and goodies. Why not top with mini marshmallows?!

6) Bread Pudding

For the ultimately decadent bread pudding recipe, use wedding cake instead of bread. If you make a large batch of this it can be portioned up and frozen, so that you can re-live the memories of your special day with a delicious dessert for days to come.

7) Cake Crumb Cookies

Adding cake crumbs to a cookie mix results in delightfully crunchy cookies that are totally more-ish. There’s plenty of recipes for these cake crumb cookies available online.

8) Wedding Cake Granola

What better way to remember your big day than by enjoying a bowl of wedding cake granola every morning? Simply dry out slices of wedding cake in the toaster and crumble into your granola mix as needed.